EMOSS Electric Trucks to run Allison Transmission

Electric prime-mover to pack Allison auto transmission

EMOSS electric truck

There’s a host of new electric truck/bus brands/manufacturers looking to join the sales race, or become a larger part of it, including Nikola Motors, Workhorse Group, Proterra and Tesla.

And there’s another one you may not yet have heard of – EMOSS Mobile Systems.

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Built on a DAF chassis, EMOSS call their electric-drive prime-mover (as seen above) the E.V.E.R. (or Electric Vehicle with Extender Range).

Now comes news that the electric truck will have a very familiar transmission – the Allison 4500 fully automatic transmission.

Boasting a range exceeding 300 miles (482km) and a gross combination weight of up to 50 metric tonnes, EMOSS tell us the truck utilizes a 120-kilowatt-hour battery pack and a liquefied petroleum gas electricity generator to recharge the battery.

“For us, the Allison gearbox is the only combination that gets us the right performance,” said Martijn Noordam, chief technology officer at EMOSS.

“Customers who have driven the Allison-equipped EMOSS trucks are 100-percent happy with them.

“They never thought a start-stop duty-cycle on a 30 percent grade was realistic, yet the truck has executed perfectly.”

EMOSS say they are developing Allison transmission-equipped electric trucks for use in construction, delivery and refuse applications.

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We’ll bring you more news on EMOSS as details come to hand.

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