More great news for truck industry in U.S.

Fleet Sentiment Report hits new highs

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The U.S. road transport industry is enjoying great times at present and now comes further evidence of that fact.

The latest CK Commercial Vehicle Research report has shown sentiment among truck fleets has never been higher.

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The first-quarter Fleet Sentiment Report asked the question – “Considering all the factors that impact your company, on a scale of 1-5, in your opinion, what is the overall outlook for your fleet in the next three months?” reports that in Q1 2018 fleet sentiment in the U.S. is at a new record high of 4.37, and study author, Chris Kemmer, says sentiment is likely to remain high through 2018.

“While I don’t expect Q1 orders to be higher than Q4, the number of fleets that plan to place orders shows continued strength in truck demand.”

And it isn’t just new trucks that the fleets are planning on purchasing, but also better equipped vehicles.

The report finding fleets are planning to tick the box for features such as air disc brakes, automated transmissions, battery-powered auxiliary power units, and collision mitigation systems.

But the good times are also causing some headaches for fleets, and it’s all to do with the worsening driver shortage.

The report saying the issue is affecting two-thirds of respondents, but a possible work around is being investigated – using larger trucks that are able to carry bigger loads.

“Because of a continued driver shortage in an environment of strong freight, many fleets are using added trailer purchases to increase their capacity.”

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