Fleet managers probed on truck safety

And fleet managers say fatigue the biggest safety issue

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As the debate continues to rage about the causes behind a string of deadly heavy vehicle crashes come some worrying findings from a survey of Australian truck fleet managers.

The survey, involving more than 200 fleet managers from across the country, found 26% of the fleet managers admit that they do not have confidence that their drivers are safe behind the wheel.

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Commissioned by MiX Telematics, the survey also identified that one in three (33%) nominated fatigue as the biggest challenge to ensuring driver safety on the road.

Perhaps the most concerning finding was that only 51% of the fleet managers polled placed high importance on reducing crashes amongst their drivers.

37% said they were not concerned with saving money, and 46% rated driver safety and creating a culture of driver safety (31%) as their top compliance priority.

Lara Churton-Hughes, Head of Sales & Marketing for Australasia at MiX Telematics, says fleet managers are at the coalface of the truck safety debate.

“The research indicates more needs to be done to protect drivers and other road users from the growing threat that fatigue poses.”

And Lara says telematics can play a big part in helping alleviate some of the key truck safety issues.

“Advances in telematics technology solutions now make it possible to identify and monitor drivers who are tired and distracted and has been proven to significantly reduce fatigue related incidents.”

MiX Telematics also offers operators in-cab cameras and Lara says these are effective in detecting the signs of fatigue and distraction.

“If you’re being watched, you’re going to behave differently.”

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How do you feel about telematics? Good idea, or not the ‘silver bullet’ for heavy vehicle road safety issues?

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