Toll boss calls for compulsory data recorders

Leading transport company has say on truck crashes

toll group michael byrne

The latest in a series of developments and discussions around the recent string of heavy vehicle related accidents comes sees the boss of Toll Group weighing in on the topic.

Managing Director of Toll, Michael Byrne, has written to the Prime Minister asking him to look at an overhaul of the industry, those changes being led by the implementation of national road safety rules.

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And Mr Byrne has told the Sydney Morning Herald that we should follow the U.S.A’s lead and implement the mandatory fitment of data recorders in heavy vehicles.

“Australia has a dire road safety problem and it is time for a genuinely national approach to heavy vehicle regulation.” – Michael Byrne

The Toll Group boss saying trucks need mandatory tracking devices to monitor speed, fatigue and load limits.

In the article he also supported Truck Industry Council (TIC) calls for the government to subsidise “more modern, safer truck fleets”.

And he called for uniform rules across the nation around speed limits, blood-alcohol limits and shift lengths.

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(Image: The Herald Sun)

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  1. Great idea. Surprised they don’t do this themselves. Since we were intimidated by a Toll driver, gave the specific lat and longitude, and specific time, they were unable to identify if one of their trucks was involved. Well it was green and had Toll written all about ver it.

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