Tesla Truck heading for Middle-East

50 truck order placed by environmental management company

tesla truck

We’ve been bringing you coverage of the early orders for the Tesla Truck and up until now they’ve all been from North American operations.

But now comes confirmation that at least 50 Tesla electric trucks will be put to work in the Middle-East.

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The trucks, ironically heading to “the oil capital of the world”, will be joining the Bee’ah truck fleet that numbers around 1000 vehicles.

Bee’ah is one of the region’s leading environmental management companies and they’ve set their sights on acquiring the first and largest fleet of Tesla Semi trucks in the Middle East.

Set to enter production next year, the Bee’ah President Salim Al Owais, tells us the trucks will be used mainly for transportation and collection of waste and recyclables.

“We are extremely pleased to have Tesla in place for a solution that enhances our leadership in sustainable practices in the region,”

“As a company that strives to be a leader in our industry, we work only with partners we consider to be leaders in their industry.

“Through this latest investment, we hope to demonstrate to others the value and importance of pursuing more practical and workable ways of achieving our commercial goals, all for the greater good of our communities.”

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To date, the largest Tesla Truck order placed so far was a 125 truck commitment made by the parcel delivery giants, UPS.

While Pepsi committed to take 100 of the electric trucks as well.

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