ATA calls for shake-up of truck crash investigations

Australian Trucking Association wants ATSB to take over

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Strategies to try and curb the recent rise in heavy vehicle related serious and fatal crashes continue to be debated with the latest development being a dramatic proposal put forward by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA).

The ATA chief-of-staff Bill McKinley has told the Sydney Morning Herald that the association would like fatal truck crashes investigated by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

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The ATSB currently is charted to investigate incidents and issues involving aviation, marine and rail transport, while truck crashes are currently the responsibility of state and territory coroners.

To fund the proposed change Mr McKinley said the government should provide the ATSB with an additional $4.3 million dollars.

The ATA believes the ATSB would provide more speedy determinations around the causes of individual crashes, often with a preliminary report handed down within a month of the incident.

This is far quicker than standard coroners reports.

While the ATA also wants a National Road Safety Commission to be established, and has called on the federal government to fund additional heavy vehicle road safety measures worth $8 million dollars.

While Anthony McMullan, chief executive of the Truck Industry Council (TIC), told the publication that the government should be looking at ways of getting older, less safe, trucks off the roads.

The TIC has put forward a proposal that would see the government subsidies the purchase of new trucks by operators.

They say the new trucks would also help the environment.

“It’s not to say that [older] vehicles aren’t safe. A truck properly maintained is safe. It’s just that newer trucks have newer technologies and we should be trying to encourage the uptake of these newer technologies on to our road network.” – Anthony McMullan

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What are your thoughts on these potential changes? Should the government be subsidising truck purchases?

Would the ATSB move be a good one?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


    • Thanks for letting us know that Bill. There doesn’t look to be any progress on this, which may be a good thing?

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