Chicken memorial unlikely to go ahead

PETA calls for feathered road-crash victims to be honoured

chicken statue

The animal rights group PETA has called for a memorial to be built to remember the feathered victims of a recent truck crash.

Thousands of chickens, ironically on their way to the slaughter house, were killed when a B-Double rolled on the Bruxner Hwy in Northern New South Wales last month.

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PETA spokesperson, Emily Rice, said the group wants to see the chickens to be remembered with a road-side memorial that inscribed with the words, “In Memory of the Chickens Who Suffered and Died at this Spot Try Vegan”.

The PETA representative telling Big Rigs that the memorial would remind all drivers, including those with animals on board, to travel safely.

But the local council and the RMS don’t seem to be too enthusiastic about the idea.

The publication quotes the Lismore Mayor, Isaac Smith, as describing the memorial as “inappropriate”, while the RMS wasn’t getting behind the proposal either.

A spokesperson for the government department only reaffirmed that a road-side memorial must not become a hazard to road users.

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Are you in support of the chicken memorial? Good idea? Or is this a publicity stunt by PETA?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. What a feathered fluster we find ourselves in. A proposed Memorial to the loss of Lives of chickens………….on their way to slaughter of all places. The question to be asked is whether we need a Memorial to chickens or an advertising billboard explaining the stupidity of those calling for the Memorial

  2. I must agree, a memorial to commemorate the fallen during their services for this country is a must! Prices of wings have just shot through the roof and we need to make sure that all the names of the chickens are on a list with their ranks and time in service. We will have a public holiday also, it will be called the Left Wing public holiday.

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