Reliability and value steer Valley Earthworks back to Isuzu

Dollars and cents driving Valley Earthworks truck choice

isuzu giga valley earthworks

Once again it was the total cost of ownership and reliability that were the top priorities of an Australian business running a fleet of trucks.

Isuzu has sent us through some details on one of their happy customers – Valley Earthworks.

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The civil construction business is based in Northern New South Wales and completes all types of work, including: road construction, bulk earthworks, forestry maintenance, marine rock walls and national park roads.

Doing the hard-lifting is an arsenal of 10 Isuzu trucks and an array of earth moving machinery such as graders, rollers, and bobcats.

Owner and co-director, Mark Mitchell, says the trucks, including six new Isuzu Giga CXY 455 trucks, earn their keep shifting the equipment between work sites.

“All the Isuzus we have had have been good, reliable and competitively priced.”

That’s why Mark came back for more Isuzus in June.

“If your machinery doesn’t work, you don’t make money – our trucks have got to be working to make money.”

While on the Giga purchase, delivered by Northern Rivers Isuzu, Mark tells us they were well priced, and their specifications are very reasonable.

“For similar specs in a lot of other brands you’d need to buy a more expensive truck, so what we were getting for the money worked out.

“Negotiating to buy six at a time, we were able to get an even better price.”

And there’s another new Isuzu Giga on the way to Valley Earthworks.

“They’re well priced and working with a dealer to get a good resale price meant the Gigas were a logical choice for us.”

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