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Business owners, big and small, need to keep their business in the forefront of people’s minds.

That’s why even the brands that we’ve all grown up with and products we use everyday are still advertised and promoted every single day.

Advertising and promotion in 2018 is a little different to days gone by – today there’s a way of delivering interested and engaged potential clients and customers direct to your business – the internet.

Having your name associated with a quality brand is a great start, but getting a physical link from that business to yours is even better.

That’s why we recently launched the Heavy Vehicles Business Directory.

For just $330 per year (inc GST) you can list your business, provide our readers and fans with a description of your business and provide your contact details and a logo.

Then, not only we will be able to send people your way, you will also benefit from a quality back-link from a content rich website like ours.

We have openings for road transport industry related businesses including:

Getting your business listed is an easy process, but if you should need a little assistance feel free to contact us and we can get it all happening for you.

We look forward to working with you towards a successful 2018.

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