New campaign urges owners to ‘Retread Instead’

U.S. campaign aims to cut Chinese heavy vehicle tyre imports

semi-trailer truck tyre wheel

A new push has begun in the U.S. aimed at protecting jobs in the nation’s tyre retreading industry.

Called ‘Retread Instead’, the campaign aims to get more heavy vehicle owners choosing retreads instead of often much cheaper imported tyres from China.

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The campaigners say more than 60,000 people are employed in the retreading and related industries in the U.S. and these jobs are under threat by the importation of the truck and bus tyres from China.

These tyres, which they say are sold well below fair market value thanks to Chinese government subsidies, are non retreadable and that means bad news both for the workers and for the environment.

Organisers want to see more operators choose to opt for retreads, instead of going for the imported, single-use product.

The ‘Retread Instead’ campaign is also pushing for tariffs on the Chinese-sourced tyres and are lobbying U.S. Senators to support such a move ahead of a possible United States Court of International Trade ruling on the issue.

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We’ll keep you updated with further details as they come to hand in regards to this issue.

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