Volvo unveils new battery system for FH/FM Series

New optional dual-battery system comes to Volvo trucks

volvo trucks dual battery

Volvo Trucks has taken the wraps off a new dual-battery system that can power in-cab requirements and not drain the starter batteries.

Using gel technology, the system is now being offered as an option on new Volvo FH and Volvo FM trucks in Europe, no word yet on when we’ll see the system locally (we’ll keep you updated).

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In unveiling the new system, Volvo told us it will provide sufficient power for all in-cab functions, including heating, cooling, refrigerator and media system, without running down the starter battery.

“Drivers can enjoy improved comfort and living conditions, knowing that they have enough power for their needs.” – Samuel Nerdal, Product Manager Electrical and Electronics at Volvo Trucks.

volvo in-cab power useThe system has two separate battery sets – one for starting the engine, and the other for all other in-cab electrical equipment.

While Samuel says the gel technology can meet high energy requirements for long periods of time.

“These benefits can be seen primarily in long-distance transport assignments and in really hot or cold climates.

“Even on winter nights, the driver can enjoy a good night’s rest without having to get up and start the engine in order to recharge the batteries,”

“A parked truck with an idling engine consumes about three litres of fuel per hour. With our solution, it is possible to minimise idling time and thus significantly cut fuel costs.”

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