Electronic Logging Devices required from next week in U.S.

Proponents say ELD use could reduce truck crashes by 11%

ELD truck

Not everyone is happy about the change, however it appears the requirement for U.S. trucks to operate with electronic logging devices (ELD) will go ahead from next week.

Set to commence on the 18th of December, only intervention by President Trump could now prevent the new law from coming into effect.

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The American Trucking Associations is in support of the changes, saying that improving compliance with the current hours-of-service rules could help cut the truck crash rate by better than 11%.

While hours-of-service violations are expected to be reduced by 50% compared to users of paper logs.

Collin Stewart, president of Stewart Transport, said on behalf of the ATA that the technology will bring positive outcomes.

“As a committed advocate for the safe and efficient transportation of freight over America’s highways, ATA believes ELDs will improve safety by ensuring strict compliance with hours-of-service requirements.

“Opponents of the ELD rule claim that the use of ELDs will make them less safe by eliminating the flexibility they have by using paper logs.

“It is important to point out that nothing in the ELD rule changes the current hours of service limits,”

“Drivers who claim that ELDs remove their discretion in deciding when to take a break or when to drive either don’t understand how the current rules are structured or are wilfully ignoring them.”

Among those who aren’t in support of the new laws, or at least the timeline with which they are being imposed, includes the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA).

That’s despite the changes first being announced back in 2015.

Todd Spencer, the group’s executive vice president, said in a statement there still “widespread misunderstanding” of the legal obligations imposed upon owners and drivers under the regulations.

“The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website offers confusing and contradictory information on what models of trucks are obligated to employ ELDs under the rule.”

We will keep you updated with further info as we get closer to the start of the new U.S. regulations.

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