Daimler brings 3D printed truck parts to market

First 3D printed plastic parts now available in the U.S.

daimler 3d printing metal truck parts

A new technology that could have as much impact on the transport industry as autonomous trucks or electric drive is 3D plastic printing.

Some are saying the tech, which allows for items to be replicated in different locations, could mean less bits and pieces for trucks to have to transport from location to location in the future.

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But, and we’ve been covering this in recent times, and on a more positive note, there’s also the opportunity for the truck manufacturers to more easily produce components and spare parts for trucks.

Renault is already 3D printing metal parts for its truck engines, they say the tech allows for fewer moving parts and that makes them easier and cheaper to make.

While Mercedes-Benz has also been at the forefront with the 3D printing of metal truck parts.

Now comes news from Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) that owners there are about to be offered 3D printed parts.

Still in a “pilot phase”, DTNA will be producing parts such as nameplates, map pockets, and plastic covers and are looking for feedback from customers and technicians on how they perform in the real world.

Jay Johnson is the general manager of aftermarket supply chain at DTNA, he says 3D printing is an opportunity to better service customers, particularly those in need of parts that have been difficult to provide, such as for older trucks or parts with low or intermittent demand.

“Over the past five years, DTNA has made significant financial and intellectual investments in the supply chain network in order to deliver parts to our customers faster than ever before,”

“What DTNA is launching today with 3D printing is only the beginning as we continue to develop this technology in our quest to be the benchmark for parts availability.”

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No word yet on 3D printed parts coming to Australia, we will keep you updated with further details though as info comes to hand.

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