Super-single tyre fenders launched by Minimizer

New Super Single Fenders come to market

Minimizer Super Single Fender

We’re very much a dual wheel/tyre market in Australia, be that on the prime mover or trailer, however in North America and Europe it’s super-singles that lead the way.

Now, to cater primarily for these markets, Minimizer has just launched new fenders for use with super-single (or wide-base) tyres.

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Known as Minimizer Super Single Fenders, the new offerings measure 19.5” across (495mm).

Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg telling the fenders are the result of years of research and development.

“This is something we’ve been working on for a long time,”

“We had a lot of requests for fenders designed specifically for wide-base tires and didn’t want to release anything that wasn’t up to our usual Tested & Tortured standard.”

“Lots of fleets and owner/operators run wide-base tyres and this is a large part of the marketplace that we have yet to explore.

“Our Super Single Fenders will fit those trucks and trailers perfectly.”

Check out more details on the Minimizer website.

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