Scania developing Digital Mirror Tech

New technology to replace traditional mirrors in coming years?

scania digital truck mirrors

The days of having mirrors bolted to the sides of trucks could be numbered with Scania looking at making the shift over to full digital rear-view monitors/screens.

Why? Because the Swedish truck giants say going digital will reduce blind spots and improve visibility.

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Scania has let us know that they’ve just completed a research project on the technology – a digital camera mirror system that includes cameras mounted near the upper front corners of the exterior of the cab.

Displays on the inside of the cab show the rear view in real time and they say the driver’s direct vision is improved by not having the big and bulky mirrors in the way.

While there is no loss of vision in adverse weather conditions (such as the wet/dirty windows that you currently have to see through).

Check out the video of the system at work…

“Traditional rear-view mirrors typically block drivers field of vision, by replacing them with digital systems it enables drivers to detect pedestrians and cyclists much easier – a typical problem at urban intersections and roundabouts.” – Azra Habibovic, project leader

And another big advantage – improved aerodynamics!

We’re sold, when will see this tech on our trucks? Scania isn’t giving us an official timeline, though we will keep you updated as further info on the tech comes to hand.

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