Proponents say technology will keep diesel in the game

Diesel Technology Forum say diesel has a long future ahead

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We recently covered the latest developments from CNH Industrial (parent company of Iveco) and their push towards natural gas technology for trucks.

And of course, Tesla took things another step forward late last week with the unveiling of the fully-electric Tesla Truck.

While other truck manufacturers, including Daimler and Volkswagen, are pushing ahead with electric-drive trucks, and even Cummins is looking at a future involving electric and natural gas propulsion tech.

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But diesel is a long way from being dead, says Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

A statement released by the diesel proponents over the weekend says diesel still has a long future ahead.

“Diesel is the most energy efficient internal combustion engine and offers a unique combination of unmatched features: proven fuel efficiency, economical operation, power, reliability, durability, availability, easy access to fuelling and service facilities, and now near-zero emissions performance.

“Diesel technology is not standing still but rather being enhanced every day across a wide range of applications.

“From coupling with hybrid-electric technology and battery storage systems, to pushing thermal efficiency boundaries, to utilizing 100 percent non-petroleum bio-based diesel fuels, the new generation of clean diesel power is part of a sustainable future.

“Clean diesel technology ensures that truckers can deliver their cargo anywhere, anytime, under any conditions.

“The greatest opportunity for efficiency gains, fuel savings, lower greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air, now, is to get more truckers into the newest generation of more fuel efficient and near-zero emissions clean diesel technology, as rapidly as possible.”

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  1. there are off the shelf technologies that when deployed will significantly reduce the diesel emissions. There is a lot of BS being sold to the truck operator in the name of profit. Quality was never considered. When one knows who those companies are that put profit over quality. It’s shocking!

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