Iveco bus brand welcomes electric bus order

HEULIEZ BUS wins electric city bus contract

Heuliez Bus GX 437

The shift to electric-drive city buses seems to be increasingly gaining momentum with European cities in particular seeing positives in making a switch from diesel-powered buses.

And, as we’ve covered previously, electric-power for city buses is ideal – there’s plenty of space for hefty battery packs and most buses don’t cover large distances in total each day.

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Just about every major truck/bus manufacturer has invested in electric-drive buses, including CNH Industrial, parent company of Iveco.

The Iveco-owned European bus brand, HEULIEZ BUS, has just received its first major order for its new range of electric city buses – the GX 437 ELEC.

The order came from TIDE BUSS one of Norway’s largest passenger transport operators and will see 10 electric buses deployed on the streets of Trondheim, a city famous for its efforts to shift to sustainable transport.

Set to come online in 2019, the GX 437 is an 18-metre long articulated bus with a 130-passenger capacity.

Heuliez Bus GX 437Made entirely from lightweight stainless steel, the bus is powered by a 160/200kW electric motor.

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