Iveco wins major bus supply contract in Kazakhstan

Iveco wins major bus supply contract in Kazakhstan

Another 210 new Iveco buses for Astana…

Iveco has been making some serious inroads into the local truck and bus markets in recent times and the popularity of their vehicles is certainly a global phenomenon.

Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, has just placed a significant order for the delivery of new Iveco buses, many of which will be powered by Iveco’s hybrid powertrain.

The new buses will add to the more than 350 Iveco buses currently on the job in that city and will range in length from 12 metres to 18 metres.

The hybrid buses, known as the Iveco Urbanway Hybrid, use up to 30% less fuel than conventional buses, reduce CO2 emissions by 33% and nitrogen oxide by 40%.

Set to be used to ferry thousands of people around during the upcoming Expo 2017 event in Astana, the Iveco bus fleet will then assume regular duties within the cities public transport system.

Sylvain Blaise, Head of Iveco Bus, welcomed the significant order.

“This second agreement demonstrates our ability to meet the requirements of cities to reduce urban pollution, which has become a key concern for public authorities around the world.

“Iveco Bus proves that it is the ideal partner for cities that are aiming to develop a modern, efficient public transport system that respects the environment and the health of their inhabitants.”

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