Sacramento switches to electric school buses

Sacramento switches to electric school buses

California city to switch bus fleet to electric-power…

California is without doubt at the forefront of the EV revolution, now a major investment in electric school buses has just been announced.

Funded by clean air grants from the state, many of the new buses will be coming from bus manufacturer Trans Tech and are based on Ford E450 chassis.

The electric drivetrain is then provided by MotivPower Systems.

Check out the Trans Tech eSeries in action here:

Proponents, including California Senator Bob Wieckowski, say the switch from diesel buses to electric will protect children from exposure to pollution and particulate matter.

“Motiv Power Systems all-electric powertrain kits are increasing the number of students who are transported in zero emission vehicles.

“This is especially beneficial to disadvantaged communities where poor air quality has severe health impacts for many residents.”

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