Calls for Trailer Underride Guards to be Mandatory

Calls for Trailer Underride Guards to be Mandatory

U.S. study finds side underride guards would save lives…

Advocates for the mandatory installation of side underride guards on trailers say there is now no question about just how effective they are.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the U.S. recently demonstrated the potentially life-saving benefit of the side guards.

Now that body is saying lawmakers should consider making them mandatory.

In Australia, there is no requirement for the guards to be fitted, however the IIHS video below might just make policy makers here rethink that…

David Zuby, IIHS executive vice president and chief research officer, says the test results were quite an eye-opener.

“Our tests and research show that side underride guards have the potential to save lives,”

“We think a mandate for side underride guards on large trucks has merit, especially as crash deaths continue to rise on our roads.”

Interestingly, the American Trucking Associations isn’t convinced.

Spokesperson, Sean McNally, telling the Heavy Duty Trucking publication that side underride guards aren’t a ‘silver bullet’.

“(We) believe the best way to prevent underride deaths is to prevent crashes in the first place,”

“Wider deployment of advanced vehicle safety technologies like automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning systems can help prevent all kinds of crashes, including those into the sides of trucks.”

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  1. I recall being at an annual update to technology providers at Woolworths head office some years ago when they announced that all Woolworths semi trailers were now fitted with those side rails.

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