ATA calls for fairer deal for TruckSafe

ATA calls for fairer deal for TruckSafe

ATA Chair says level playing field is needed for TruckSafe…

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) says the publicly-owned National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) has unfair competitive advantages over the ATA-operated TruckSafe scheme.

The ATA has made that claim as part of a submission to a federal government review of competitive neutrality policy (i.e. making sure that government organisations don’t gain benefit over businesses and non-government organisations).

ATA Chair, Geoff Crouch, says the NHVAS is a prime example of a publicly owned operation enjoying a net competitive advantage primarily by way of regulatory concessions.

“The concessions include inspection exemptions in some states for vehicles accredited under the NHVAS maintenance module.

“This module is substantially the same as the TruckSafe maintenance standards, but without TruckSafe’s additional requirements for roadworthiness assessments and checks on truck speed limiters.”

Mr Crouch says these issues show that the current arrangements go against government policy.

“They’ve said that government businesses should not enjoy a net competitive advantage, regulatory frameworks should not restrict competition, and that in providing services government policy should encourage a diversity of providers.

“The ATA completely agrees – and it is time for governments to apply these principles to the NHVAS.

“We need to improve heavy vehicle accreditation by encouraging diversity, innovation and competition, by levelling the playing field between the NHVAS and TruckSafe.”

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