New York airports trust in Scania for rescue trucks

Scania engines for new airport rescue and firefighting vehicles…

If there’s one application where you need 100% reliability it’s in emergency vehicles, especially at airports where situations are extremely time-critical.

Now the John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark International Airport, LaGuardia International Airport and Teterboro Airport in New York and New Jersey are set to be serviced by emergency vehicles powered by Scania.

The Swedish truck company has won a contract for the supply of 24 V8 engines for use in Oshkosh Airport Products’ airport rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles.

The 16 litre engines (pictured below) are being optimized to work with the Oshkosh powertrain in the Striker 6×6 and Striker 4×4 vehicles.

Art Schuchert, Sales & Marketing Director for Scania USA, says he hopes the deal is the start of a long relationship with the specialist vehicle manufacturer.

“This project is important for Scania and will take us into the serial production of the prestigious Striker vehicles.”

New York airports trust in Scania for rescue trucksWhile GM, Jeff Resch, explains why Scania engines were chosen.

“Scania has a reputation for industry-leading quality, performance and service, which is why it makes so much sense to incorporate their engines into all Striker configurations.”

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  1. Scania Trucks are good, and are very safer . Every thing about scania to me is amazing. And one day i wish to be member of this campany

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