Iveco supplying hybrid-powered buses to Milan

Iveco supplying hybrid-powered buses to Milan

120 new hybrid Iveco buses being supplied to Italian city…

A substantial order for a fleet of hybrid-powered buses has been submitted to Iveco in the truck/bus manufacturer’s home market.

The contract will see Iveco supply 120 of its new Urbanway Hybrid buses to the City of Milan.

The Italian city telling us they chose the Iveco hybrids as part of their push for lower emissions and less noise pollution in urban areas.

The 18-metre articulated hybrid buses have a capacity of up to 149 passengers and driver and use up to 30% less fuel than conventional buses.

While compared to conventional diesel buses the hybrid buses emit 33% less CO2 and 40% less nitrogen oxide (NOx).

In total, that’s 35 tonnes less CO2 emitted every year.

The Urbanway Hybrid combines an electric traction system with a 210kW Euro VI compliant diesel engine and a lithium-ion battery pack.

The bus features a brake energy regeneration system and a pure electric drive mode (producing up to 175kW) that kicks in when approaching and leaving bus stops.

That mode also provides completely silent operation.

The first hybrid bus deliveries will be made to Milan in June this year with the total order set to be filled by 2019.

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