FREE fuel cards available now from Iveco

Iveco launches sales promotion to shift 2016 plated stock…

FREE fuel cards available now from Iveco

If a new truck or van is on your shopping list, then you should check out the generous offers available now from Iveco.

Iveco has just let us know that they have kicked-off a sales campaign that has only one goal – to shift 2016 plated stock.

Iveco Daily, Eurocargo, ACCO, Stralis and Powerstar models are all included in the promotion with Iveco dealers not only giving you a great purchase price, but Caltex fuel cards worth up to $5,000!

“These are still brand new trucks and vans and come with all the benefits and peace of mind that a new vehicle brings,” says Iveco’s Marketing Manager, Darren Swenson.

“The only difference is they carry an earlier manufacture date,”

“For most prospective buyers this isn’t a concern and they’ll be further encouraged by a fuel card which means that the first few weeks of Iveco ownership is even more cost effective than usual.

“It’s a clever way to start 2017.”

Visit the Iveco Australia website, or your local Iveco dealer, for more details.

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