Toyota confirms hydrogen truck research

Toyota to look at how hydrogen could be utilized in heavy vehicles…

Toyota confirms hydrogen truck research

The Toyota Mirai hydrogen car is already a reality and Toyota recently announced it was taking its hydrogen technology into buses (details here).

Now Toyota has confirmed it is also looking at how it can utilize the technology in trucks.

A statement released by Toyota this morning says that that company is beginning study into a possible heavy-duty truck sized fuel cell vehicle.

Toyota confirms hydrogen truck researchThe statement saying it’s hydrogen fuel cell technology could be a zero-emission solution across a broad spectrum of vehicle types and could create a potential zero-emission freight transportation solution for the future.

The feasibility study of the semi-trailer truck-based hydrogen fuel cell application is being conducted in California.

The automaker says it will be announcing more details on the study in the coming months.

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  1. Torque is what trucks need, and nothing makes more torque than an electric motor. This is why trains are propelled by electric motors — not diesels — which are there merely to make electricity for the motors.
    But why not batteries? Because batteries run out — fast — especialy in cold weather. Even in warm weather, the Tesla is depleted in about 15 minutes on straight full power mode. If it was a truck, it would run out of juice halfway up the hill.

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