December debut for Nikola One

December debut for Nikola One

The stats are ultra-impressive and now the Nikola One hydrogen-electric truck is a step closer to reality with the new offering set to debut next month.

Nikola tell us the new prime-mover will debut at a launch event on December 1st.

Along with the announcement came conformation that the start-up venture would also be revealing plans for a network of hydrogen fuelling stations in the U.S. to support the truck.

“Over 300 planned stations are going to be announced at the Dec. 1 event,” said Trevor Milton, Nikola’s CEO.

“Nikola will have the largest hydrogen network in the world.

“We are proud to be on the forefront of this clean energy revolution.”

The Nikola One is projected to have a range of 1300 to 1900km between fill-ups and produces zero emissions.

“Nikola will begin selling hydrogen to non-Nikola customers for around $3.50 per kg (USD), nearly half the current market price,” said Milton.

“We believe that hydrogen power generation is a better deal per mile than plugging in for electricity.”

We will keep you updated as more info from Nikola Motor Company comes to hand.

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