Maxion Wheels unveils wheel and tyre data capture technology

Maxion Wheels shows new sensor tech that captures and reports wheel/tyre data…

Maxion Wheels unveils wheel and tyre data capture technology

Truck owners and drivers could soon have a whole lot more info at their disposal about their vehicles wheels and tyres.

Maxion Wheels has just unveiled new sensor technology at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Trade Fair that captures all the key data from a heavy vehicles wheels and tyres.

The system then shares that data, on factors such as tyre pressures and temperatures, to both driver and fleet.

Known as ‘MaxSmart’, CEO of Maxion Wheels, Pieter Klinkers, says the technology benefits safety and helps reduce operating costs.

“By collecting comprehensive data from the wheel sensor and communicating it to the driver and fleet at the right time, we want to support prevention of accidents, and avoidance of expensive vehicle repairs,”

“MaxSmart wheel uses the kinetic energy from the wheels’ motion to continuously power the sensors that are collecting and communicating wheel load, clamp force to the axle, and tire pressure and temperature.

“This information is uploaded to both the vehicle and cloud, providing vehicle safety intelligence to both driver and fleet.”

MaxSmart is in testing at the moment and Maxion Wheels say it is likely to enter production in 2017.

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