Proterra electric buses set to hit New York streets

New York MTA orders five Proterra electric buses

proterra catalyst bus

Europe might be leading the way on electric bus utilisation, but it appears the U.S. could be starting to catch up.

The latest U.S. city to commence the use of electric-powered buses is New York.

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The New York MTA, which operates the largest bus fleet in the U.S., has just ordered five Proterra Catalyst E2 electric buses.

Set to hit the streets of the big apple in December, Proterra says the buses will be able to complete the full daily mileage needs of the city’s transit routes on a single charge.

In addition, the buses also offer passengers WiFi and USB charging ports!

The buses are predicted to help the MTA reduce 2,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and save approximately $560,000 (USD) on maintenance and operating costs over three years.

“New York MTA is beacon for modern public transit in the United States, and it is our honor to serve the thousands of Brooklyn passengers that rely on this accessible and affordable service day in and day out,” said Proterra CEO Ryan Popple.

“It is our commitment at Proterra to continue to improve the transit experience, so that all riders and communities can enjoy the local benefits of zero-emission bus transit.”

Proterra tell us they are expecting more orders for their electric-drive buses from the New York MTA in coming years.

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