New electric buses on the job in Canada

New electric buses on the job in Canada

Volvo-owned Nova Buses get to work in Montreal…

There seems to be a growing trend towards city buses being powered by electricity rather than diesel.

The latest new electric buses to go into service are a fleet of 100% electric buses that are now doing the rounds on the streets of Montreal, Canada.

The buses have been built in Canada by the Volvo-owned Nova Bus company and feature Volvo batteries and control systems.

They boast a seating capacity of up to 41 passengers, a power output of 308 hp and about an hour’s operating time is achieved from just a six-minute charge.

Check out more details on the Nova Bus electric buses here…

Ralph Acs, President of Nova Bus, says the buses will help the environment.

“It is a great feeling for our team to be part of changing our world, making it a greener place and helping our commuter travel with great comfort and peace of mind.”

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