ATA steps up action to get rid of truck rego labels

ATA steps up action to get rid of truck rego labels

ATA wants to know the cost and trouble of registration labels…

Most states and territories have done away with registration labels on cars, now the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) is again calling for heavy vehicles to be exempt from them as well.

The ATA has been in favour of scrapping the labels for sometime and now they’re gathering evidence to support a new round of action aimed at seeing the labels go, for good.

ATA CEO, Ben Maguire, says the association is trying to determine exactly how much trouble the labels cause.

“Registration labels have long been an issue for road transport operators.

“With the hassle of having to track down a truck which could possibly be thousands of kilometres away to change the label, right through to incurring heavy penalties for displaying out of date or incorrect labels, they need to be abolished,”

“In order to effectively advocate for the removal, we need more information from road transport operators to accurately calculate the savings to the industry, and present these savings to government.”

While the ATA says doing away with rego labels would also provide an assistance to truck owners/operators – the ability to pay registration monthly by direct debit.

Mr Maguire says this would have a positive cash flow effect on road transport operators.

To let the ATA know about the issues you have with rego labels, simply follow this link.

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