Scania begins electric bus trials in Sweden

Scania looks towards future with battery-electric bus trial…

Scania begins electric bus trials in Sweden

The Swedish city Ostersund has been selected by Scania as the location for a trial of the manufacturers new battery electric drive technology.

Chosen due to its cold winters and warm summers, Scania will put three battery electric powered Scania Citywide LF buses to work in the city until the end of the year.

An additional three electric buses will be added in early 2019.

Two new charging stations will be built in the city to supply the buses at both ends of the 14-kilometre major bus line.

With 10-minute charging, buses will run every 15 minutes for a total of 100 journeys each day.

Already offering operators buses and coaches with alternative fuel options, including biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel and hybrid electric drive, Scania Bus and Coach boss, Anna Carmo e Silva, says hopefully fully-electric buses will be added to the range soon.

“This is the initial stage in the ongoing development of battery electric buses.”

“By adding battery electric buses, we will further strengthen our focus on sustainable transport and complement this broad range with buses particularly for inner-city operations.”

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