Mercedes-Benz Trucks drop spare parts prices

Prices reduced on genuine Mercedes-Benz parts for 2017…

Mercedes-Benz Trucks tell us a decision to reduce the price of its parts is all about helping operators keep their operating costs to a minimum.

In total, more than 10,000 genuine Mercedes-Benz Truck Parts have been reduced, the cost of some parts by more than 30%.

While the price of remanufactured engines and transmissions have also been cut by 30% and Mercedes-Benz has expanded its product range of remanufactured parts to more than 3000 items.

Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus director, Michael May, tells us more critical parts are also going to be kept in stock at the brands 46-strong dealer network.

“Our customers are already telling us about the money they are saving on fuel with our new generation truck compared to what they have been running,”

“We want to make the business case for our truck even better by reducing the cost of our quality parts.”

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